Word Overdose: 2012.


just another year on tumblr.

last night i was thinking and i’d just like to note how utterly unimportant it is what happens on new years eve night. really though, think about it. every new years i’ve spent watching the ball drop or counting down or doing whatever in various places and not a…

damn i was an insightful ass punk a year ago.

tip #365: if there is one piece of advice i could offer you, it would be to love. love your family (whether biological or emotional), love your friends, love your pets, your teachers and mentors, the strangers you meet in passing, the barista at your local coffee shop, the authors whose books have changed your life, the musicians and inventors, the children and grandparents. love the earth and all the creatures that live there. love your god (if you have one), love the rush of emotions and the moments of simple pleasure. but most importantly, love yourself.

happy new year.

tip #364: make an effort to stifle jealousy at the first siting. allay your concerns; it is never worth the time and effort.
tip #363: appreciate the last time things happen.
tip #362: make mix cds when people need a pick me up. include your favorite songs. let them feel a little bit of your own happiness.
tip #361: when coming to the close of some great quest, remind yourself just how far you’ve made it, even if there were a healthy amount of bumps along the way.
tip #360: give it all you’ve got.
tip #359: there’s a time and place for everything. don’t be too eager or nervous to strike when the time is right.
tip #358: don’t let the past haunt your present.
tip #357: appreciate those with talents you do or do not possess.
tip #356: don’t count down the days till the next christmas or hannukah or new years or anything. make your life about today.
tip #355: start getting those resolutions ready.
tip #354: get in the spirit of giving and cherishing those around you.
tip #353: talk to strangers you meet on a plane. they might change your life.
tip #352: try new music.